Rival Student Gangs Clash at Patna College; Explode Bombs

Violence at Patna College campus on Thursday.

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Patna: Rival student gang members in Patna College on Thursday clashed with each other over who would sit on the front desk during a history class, police said.

As reported, around 9:30 am, some students got involved in an argument over who will sit on the front desk. Soon the students began hurling chairs and other furniture at each other. Others who tried to intervene were roughed up by the clashing students.

Before long, supporters of both gangs came rushing from nearby Minto and Iqbal hostels, both known for housing students with criminal mindset, and began beating each other with hockey sticks, iron rods and other objects.

For about next 20 minutes, the entire Patna College turned into a battlefield as rival gang members beat up each other and even exploded several crude bombs creating a scare in the campus.

The students destroyed fans and windows in many classrooms and damaged the cars of English professor Sanjay Kumar Sinha and BBA Guest Faculty Dr. Parvez Akhtar. More than a dozen motorcycles were also damaged in the process.

At least eight students were hurt in the fracas and were taken to the nearby Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) for treatment.

Patna College Principal Prof. R S Arya said attempts were being made to identify the culprits. So far, no arrest has been made in the case.

Police, however, denied reports of bomb explosions in the campus saying they were firecrackers and not any explosive.

Security has been beefed up at Patna College.


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