Nitish Issues Another Order that Checks Personal Freedom

Jeans, t-shirts banned in Bihar government offices.

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Patna: Continuing to chip away personal freedom and rights of individuals one official diktat at a time while carefully avoiding going for a mandate or consensus on any social issue, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar fired off his new proclamation that does away with casual dress in government offices saying clothes like jeans and t-shirts were against the culture and dignity of the office.

Kumar, who has relentlessly sought to change the behavior of the people of Bihar by banning the use of products that he himself is averse of (alcohol, guthka, for example), has now banned the use of jeans and t-shirts at Patna Secretariat saying they were against the Indian culture and demeaned the dignity of the office.

"At work, you are to wear soothing, decent, and comfortable dress to maintain the dignity of the office," the order released and signed by Shiv Mahadev Prasad, Upper Secretary, reads.

Nitish Kumar, who has worked steadily, often stealthily, to take away individual liberties of the people of Bihar since becoming the Chief Minister of Bihar 14 years ago, has staked his entire political legacy on his ability to alter behavior of individuals to reflect his own image in others.

The proclamation is already facing some resistance from the 'babus' who, under condition of anonymity, say that even for a 'control freak' like Nitish Kumar, this is going too far and this will be met with opposition.

The Chief Minister, after banning consumption of alcohol in the state, has sought to ban 'guthka' and other tobacco products giving rise to bootlegging and black market of these products.


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