Fourth Woman Becomes the Victim of Dowry-related Death in Patna in Last 24 Hours

Police arrest the husband of a woman found murdered in her husband's home in Patna.

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Patna: Police in Patna on Sunday arrested one Sanjiv Kumar Singh on charges of murdering his wife whose parents were not able to fulfill his family's demand for more dowry.

The heinous incident took place in Lalit Colony under Patrakar Nagar police station on late Saturday evening.

The victim, who was identified as Singh's wife Sweety, 32, had marks on her neck indicating either she hung herself or she was strangulated by someone.

Sweety, the victim of dowry-related death.As reported by the victim's father Rajnath Singh, the in-laws and other members of the family including the husband, had been torturing Sweety both physically and mentally since they got married in 2012. She was neither allowed to go to her parent's house nor her parents were allowed to visit her. Last year, Sweety gave birth to a girl that further angered her husband and his parents who began torturing her even more.

Based on family members' account, the police arrested Sanjeev and lodged an FIR against other members of his family.

After the obligatory autopsy, the body of the victim was handed over to her family.

It may be noted that this is the fourth dowry-related death in Patna in the past 24 hours alone. The other three similar incidents took place in Bikram, Maner, and Naubatpur.

According to reports, the victim in Bikram was poisoned while the one in Maner was strangulated. In Naubatpur, the victim was beaten to death.


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