Patna: Testing water to see if the saffron party was ready to end its marriage with Janata Dal – U in Bihar and form the government entirely on its own, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sanjay Paswan, at a press conference in Patna on Monday, said that Nitish Kumar had been on the Chief Minister's seat for much too long and it was time to replace him with a BJP candidate in the next Assembly elections.

"Nitish Kumar has been occupying CM seat for much too long. Today, people in Bihar cast their votes not in the name of Kumar but in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi so it is natural to have a BJP CM in the state than a JD-U leader," Paswan, whose political life has been marred with controversies, including his history of dabbling with black magic, said adding Kumar should voluntarily step down from his post and let a BJP face to become his successor.

As expected, the response from the JD-U was swift and strong.

Sanjay Singh, the JD-U legislator, fired back at Paswan saying the BJP leader was wrong in assuming that people of Bihar were voting in the name of Narendra Modi and not in the name of Nitish Kumar.

"How quickly you forget what happened in 2015 in Bihar elections when Nitish Kumar joined the Grand Alliance leading it to a historical victory while decimating BJP in the process. Don't forget that leaders like you don't elect the Chief Minister but it's the people of Bihar who decide who would be sitting in the Chief Minister's seat," Singh, a strong Nitish loyalist, said.

The JD-U leader then told Paswan to keep his 'advice' to himself since he had zero credibility to speak on anything, including the internal functioning of the JD-U.

"We all know your political background and how you ended up in the BJP. However, it is not a good idea to offer advice to others when no one has asked your advice. You are like the 'Monsoon Frog' that becomes irrelevant as soon as the monsoon season ends. Nitish Kumar will continue to be the Chief Minister as long as the people of Bihar want him to," Singh said while reiterating the latest poll slogan of the party, "Janata Kyun Kare Vichaar, Jab Hain Hi Nitish Kumar".

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