CM Advocates for Scientific Handling of Crop Residue

Nitish Kumar inaugurating two-day international convention on crop residue.

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Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, during a two-day convention of the Crop Residue Management at Gyan Bhawan in Patna on Monday, said that farmers who do not properly manage the crop leftover, or the residue, will have to forego assistance of any sort from the government.

"Those who do not manage the crop residue properly or continue to burn them up after the crop has been harvested will not get any kind of financial or other assistance from the government. They must understand that the leftover in itself are quite valuable and can be used in making a number of items that would lead to employment generation and increased income to the farmers," he said adding the government would help those who manage residue sensibly and scientifically.

Kumar, who has presented himself as an expert in weather, climate, water management and many other areas of specific studies, offered evidence of his knowledge on farming saying there was a need to teach the farmers of Bihar about the importance of crop residue and its negative impact on the environment and human health.

CM speaking at two-day international convention on crop residue in Patna.

"I don't understand why this burning of crop remainders is not stopping in Bihar. It first began in Punjab and Haryana and now it's happening in Bihar. We need to launch an awareness campaign across the state to teach the farmers about the many negative effects of burning the residue including its impact on the environment and human health. Moreover, we need to teach them about the adverse effect on the land itself that loses its productivity properties when residual crops are repeatedly burnt on it," he said.

The Chief Minister ordered the officials to make a short documentary film explaining how farmers can turn crop leftovers into cash by producing a number of items from them.

Kumar, refusing to acknowledge that the recent epic flooding of Patna was caused by a failed and crumbling infrastructure including disappearance of functioning underground drainage system, then passed the blame for flooding on crop residual burning, tree-cutting and other human actions.

"Patna registered 380 mm of rain in a matter of three days that led to water-logging in the city. This is because we humans continue to meddle with the nature and environment. Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said that the earth was capable of meeting the needs of all but it did not stand a chance against greed," he said.

The Chief Minister then flashed his new shining object otherwise known as 'Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali' scheme and how that will turn Bihar into a green paradise. He also brought up his success in providing round-the-clock electricity to each and every home in Bihar.


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