Pinellas Park, FL: Tampa Bay residents of Bihar and other Indian heritage celebrated Chhath this year with full zeal and enthusiasm.

The four-day socio-religious event was celebrated during October 31 to November 3, 2019.

It started with Nahai-Khai followed by Kharna, sandhya arghya and behaniya arghya.

The festivity concluded with “Paran” on the same day of behaniya aghaya.

Earlier, members of the same group observed first ever Chitragupta puja organized by the Kayastha Association of Florida (USA). The puja was held at the Ambaji Mandir at Pinellas Park in Florida.

Notably, Lord Chitragupta is the primary deity of the Kayastha community and is responsible for maintaining detailed record of every human’s doing.

The decision to celebrate Chitragupta Puja was the result of the community's desire to preserve the culture and heritage of Kayastha outside India, particularly among the younger generation.

As per the tradition, several stationery items such as paper, pen, ink, honey, betel nuts, betel leaves, matches, ginger, jiggery, sandalwood, and navaidya/bhog were used to complete the rituals. Participating members including children wrote down their earnings and expenditure on a piece of paper. These reports were then symbolically submitted to Lord Chitragupta with the goal to balance the sheet.