Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, following the Supreme Court verdict on the Ram Janmbhoomi and Babri Masjid issue in Ayodhya, urged people of Bihar to accept the court decision graciously and not politicize it to score cheap points.

"We all must respect the court's decision on the Ram Janmbhoomi issue. I have always maintained that this issue must be either resolved amicably or let the court settle the issue once and for all. Now that the court has spoken, we all have a duty to respect it," Kumar said whle talking to reporters at the Patna Airport following his return from Valmiki Nagar on Saturday.

The Chief Minister said that only by accepting the Supreme Court verdict, India would be able to maintain communal harmony and foster brotherhood among people with different faiths.

Hailing the Supreme Court verdict, Kumar said it was an unanimous decision of all five judges who came to the historic conclusion only after considering all the facts in the case and there should not be any dispute over this issue anymore.

Earlier, the five-judge bench of the Supreme Court announced its decision on the controversial piece of land by giving the entire 2.77 acre to Ram Lalla, the body that had been fighting for it insisting the land belonged to the Hindus as this is where Lord Ram was born.

The court also ordered the government to provide five acre of land to the Muslims to build a mosque on that site.

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