People in Patna Stand in Lines for Hours to Buy 2 Kilograms of Onion

Men and women stand in line outside Biscomaun Bhawan in Patna to get their hands on 2kg of onions on Friday.

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Patna: While the NDA leaders remain busy bragging about how the economy continues to grow under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and, in Bihar with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in the driver's seat, hundreds of men and women stood in lines for hours to get their hands on two kilogram of pre-packed onions at the subsidized rate of Rs. 35 per kilogram.

Reminiscent of the notorious bread lines of the Nazi Germany, people in Patna stood in line outside Biscomaun Bhawan and eight other sales point hoping they would strike rich if they were lucky enough to be the recipient of two kilogram of onions that, having them in one's kitchen, has suddenly become a status symbol in Bihar, Jharkhand, and elsewhere due to its disappearance from the vegetable markets sending its price skyrocketing.

For a limited time, people could also purchase these pre-packed, pre-weighed bags of onions from five mobile vans parked just outside Patna Secretariat.

The line started to form outside Biscomaun Bhawan at 6:00 am, four hours before the sales counters opened their doors, and continued to grow till 6:00 pm when the counters were closed.

According to a Biscomaun official, roughly 52,000 people in Patna were able to buy two kilograms of onion at a loss of Rs. 25 per bag due to the subsidy offered by the state government.

Besides the Biscomaun Bhawan, mobile counters were also set up at Bahadurpur Gate, Sultanganj, Bakerganj, Anisabad, Saguna Mor, Mangal Talab, and near the homes of Mayor Sita Sahu and former Mayor Afzal Imam.

With patience running thin, at many places those standing in lines for hours clashed with others in the queue forcing the police to intervene to break up the row.

Today's exercise is scheduled to be repeated on Saturday and Sunday, Biscomaun chairperson Sunil Singh said.


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