Prashant Kishore Offers to Resign from JD-U over Citizenship Bill

Nitish Kumar and Prashant Kishore (file photo).

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Patna: Prashant Kishore, the man who helped Narendra Modi win the Prime Minister's office back in 2014 and later charted the course to victory of a shaky Nitish Kumar in Bihar in 2015 earning him the position of the second most powerful man in the Janata Dal-U, on Saturday offered to resign from the party after he came out openly against the Citizenship law, a law wholeheartedly supported by the Bihar Chief Minister.

Kishore met with Kumar on Saturday during which he offered his resignation from the party in the wake of widespread criticism of him by some of the Chief Minister's lackeys including Neeraj Kumar and Sanjay Singh. Kumar, however, refused to accept his resignation saying minor ideological difference on certain issues was quite normal in a democratic setup and no reason for someone to resign from the party.

As reported in the media, Kishore has come out strongly against the Citizenship bill saying it was dangerous and set a bad precedent against people of certain community.

As noted, Kumar, after being initially vehemently opposed to the Citizenship bill, changed his tune realizing that was the only way to remain in power and any attempt to antagonize the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leadership would only jeopardize his re-election chance in 2020 state polls.

Still not deterred by Kumar's stand on the controversial bill, Kishore in a tweet, urged all 16 non-BJP Chief Ministers to 'save the soul of India' by opposing it like Punjab, West Bengal, and Kerala who have taken anti-Citizenship bill stand despite pressure from the center.

Meanwhile, JD-U leaders Pawan Verma and Ghulam Rasool Baliyavi have also come out against the bill saying it was divisive and completely against the spirit of the framers of the Indian constitution.


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