PU to Begin Awarding Real Gold Medals to Toppers from Next Session

Bihar Governor Fagu Chauhan at a PU event on Saturday.

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Patna: So, it turns out the gold medals awarded to the toppers of universities in Bihar are not actually gold after all and are merely cheap medallions painted in gold color.

Speaking at the Wheeler Senate Hall to celebrate the 103rd foundation day of Patna University, Bihar Governor Fagu Chauhan on Saturday handed out 41 'gold medals' to the toppers. In his speech, Chauhan said that beginning next session of the universities in Bihar, the administration will start handing out 'real gold' medals as opposed to the fake ones that really has no monetary value.

Patna University Vice Chancellor Dr. Ras Bihari Singh said that the university had made the proposal to the Governor to begin handing out medals made of real gold and the Governor has accepted the suggestion.

"Beginning next session, we will give out medals made of real gold and will put Rs. 4 lakh in fixed deposit in each department's account to meet the expenses," Singh said.


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