Patna: Despite the growing suspicion of Nitish Kumar and his trusted aide Prashant Kishor engaging in the proverbial good cop-bad cop routine with the former going the whole hog over the BJP-championed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registration of Citizens (NRC) and the latter holding a diametrically opposing view, Kumar fired back at his own party leaders who have begun questioning his stand on the controversial issue that has split the nation in half.

On Thursday, Bihar Chief Minister slammed his own party senior leader and former Rajya Sabha member Pawan Varma and Prashant Kishor, though without taking their names, said that those who were opposed to him were free to leave and join any other party of their choice.

As reported, Varma had earlier stated that he was baffled by Kumar's stand on the CAA and his decision to join BJP in the Delhi election despite nationwide protest against both.

"He is free to go and join any party he likes; my best wishes to him," the Chief Minister snarked while sending a strong message to his political strategist and JD-U national vice president Prashant Kishor who has been speaking openly against CAA and is said to be trying to influence his boss not to support it or allow implementation of it in Bihar.

Kumar, who is believed to be on a weak wicket since he chose to leave the Grand Alliance to go back to the NDA fold, is fighting for his political survival amid the CAA brouhaha, and is showing no intention to go against the BJP and its policies annoying some of his own party members.

Verma earlier tweeted that he was deeply perplexed by Kumar's decision to go in alliance with the BJP for Delhi election in spite of the fact that Kumar has privately expressed grave apprehensions against the BJP and RSS.

The Chief Minister told the reporters that his stand was clear and anyone who did not agree with him could bring it up during party meetings instead of making public statements.

"Is this the way to talk?" Kumar pushed back.

"Leaving the party is an option but I am glad there is room for further discussion on this issue. My intention was not to hurt the Chief Minister," Varma told the press.

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