Prashant Calls Nitish a Liar After the CM Berates Him in Public

Friend-turned-foe Nitish Kumar and Prashant Kishore.

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Patna: After today, it is all but a matter of time before Prashant Kishor, once considered a gold standard in the Indian political game of strategy and shrewd maneuvering, is shown the exit door of the Janata Dal-U for daring to criticize the judgment of his boss.

Talking to reporters in Patna, Kumar, showing visible annoyance at the mention of Prashant Kishor's name, once again reiterated that if he wanted to remain in the party then he was free to do so but if he wanted out of the party, that was also fine with him.

Issuing not-so-veiled warning to his national vice president, the Chief Minister, following the meeting of his party leaders in Patna on Tuesday, said that if Kishor wanted to remain in the party, he would have to learn the basic structure of the party.

"He is already working for other parties so he is free to go anywhere but if he wishes to remain with the JD-U, he must adopt the party structure and adhere to it," Kumar said.

The Chief Minister was not done by any means. He went on to suggest that he did a favor to Kishor by letting him join the JD-U and not because he needed him to salvage his faltering position in Bihar in the aftermath of his breaking ties with the Grand Alliance in 2017.

"Do you know how he joined the party? He was recommended to me by Amit Shah," Kumar, insinuating Kishor was not hired for his political skills but because of Shah's recommendation, said.

Meanwhile, Kishor, now in full combative mode against his boss, fired back at Nitish calling him a liar who, he called, had fallen from grace

Stating that he and Nitish Kumar were not made of the same color, the political strategist fired off a tweet saying it was a lame attempt on the part of the Chief Minister to paint both in the same color.

"@NitishKumar, what a fall for you to lie about how and why you made me join JDU!! Poor attempt on your part to try and make my colour same as yours! And if you are telling the truth who would believe that you still have courage not to listen to someone recommended by @AmitShah?" Kishor tweeted.

With his fierce opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Registration of Citizens (NRC), the political strategist who is now helping both Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi and Mamata Banerjee of Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, said that he will respond to Nitish Kumar once he gets to Patna in the next few days.

Some in the JD-U are saying Kishore has already resigned from the party and will make it public after holding a talk with the Chief Minister in Patna.


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