Patna: After being kicked out of the Janata Dal-U by party chief Nitish Kumar, former Rajya Sabha MP and party general secretary Pavan Varma thanked the Chief Minister for 'freeing him' from a position that had become increasingly difficult for him to sustain.

"Thank you Nitish Kumar ji for freeing me from my increasingly untenable position of defending you and your policies. I wish you well in your ambition of being CM of Bihar at any cost," Varma tweeted on Wednesday.

As reported earlier, Kumar, just a day after stating that the two rebel leaders – Pavan Varma and Prashant Kishor - were free to leave if they wished to do so, expelled them on Wednesday for engaging in 'anti-party' activities.

Both Varma and Kishor had emerged as two staunch opponents of BJP's Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registration of Citizens (NRC) insisting they were discriminatory in nature based on one's religion.

Kumar, despite his initial opposition to the CAA and NRC, eventually came around to support them after BJP senior leader and Home Minister Amit Shah declared him the face of the NDA in Bihar in the upcoming Assembly elections.

On Tuesday, an angry Chief Minister slammed his once close confidante Prashant Kishor saying he was inducted into the JD-U at the insistence of Amit Shah and not because of his reputation as a shrewd political strategist.

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