Patna: Six days after the Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) daily workers went on strike leaving Patna to turn into a gargantuan landfill while turning the state capital into a stink city, the district administration claimed the strike was finally over and clean-up work had already begun in most areas.

Officials said the government reached an agreement with the striking PMC employees on Saturday evening after agreeing to give a fair hearing to their demands that included a raise in their hourly wage and change in their status from daily wage workers to permanent employee status with all benefits available to other state employees.

The clean-up work began just minutes after the agreement was reached between the PMC workers and the district administration, Patna Mayor Sita Sahu said on Sunday. Sources, however, said that it would take at least 10 days to remove garbage from all roads in Patna.

PMC employee union leader Chandra Prakash Singh, however, said that if the government backed down on its words, the employees will immediately go on strike and this time it would have even more serious impact on the city than the strike just concluded.

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