New Delhi: Bhojpuri actor-turned-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Delhi chief Manoj Tiwari, reluctantly conceded party's abysmal performance in the polls by congratulating Arvind Kejriwal, the incumbent CM of Delhi, while also thanking the Delhi voters for their support to the BJP.

Tiwari, who is now being mocked as the 'Baghdad Bob' of the BJP for maintaining an optimistic approach to party's victory in the Delhi election despite all exit polls indicating a drubbing for the saffron party, continued to maintain till last minute that AAP will be defeated soundly and BJP will form the new government in the state capital.

In now his infamous tweet, Tiwari, on February 8, declared that the BJP was forming the government in Delhi by securing victory on 48 seats. Exuding with confidence, he asked his followers to save that tweet of him and not blame the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) when AAP was shown the door.

By the time all the poll results were announced, Tiwari took a much softer and much realistic approach by thanking the voters of Delhi and the party workers for their hard work.

"I hope the Delhi government will live up to the expectations of the people," he added.

By the time of this reporting, AAP was declared winner at 62 of the 70 seats, five less than 2015 elections.

Borrowing a page from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who is known for using religion and superstition to advance his political agenda, Tiwari had attributed his enthusiasm to his 'sixth sense' and the 'good vibes from all sides' while also accusing Kejriwal of 'displeasing' the god when he took off his chappal from his hand and then offering flower to Lord Hanuman in a temple without first washing his hand at a Delhi temple.

Still not ready to concede defeat of his party, Tiwari, like the musicians on the sinking Titanic, maintained his exuberance till the last minute saying the BJP was poised to win more than 55 seats and the BJP supporters should not lose their heart.

Unfortunately for him, it was not meant to be.

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