Patna: Putting important issues like Patna fast becoming the murder and armed robbery capital of India on the backburner, Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey on Friday said that the police department would soon organize a special event in Patna in which 40 people will be honored for giving up drinking alcoholic drinks.

At a press conference in Patna, the DGP said that 40 people and their family members would be invited to the event where they will be awarded for quitting consumption of liquor.

"These awardees will also be given an opportunity to narrate their story and how prohibition helped them reclaim their lives and how it impacted their families in a positive manner," Pandey said.

Despite no evidence of any credible, data-backed usefulness of appointing brand ambassadors in various fields including art and culture, sports, tourism, women emancipation, and many other areas, the DGP said that he would pick 500 young 'musahars' from Bihar who have sworn to never indulge in drinking alcoholic beverages would be made brand ambassadors of prohibition in Bihar who would go around the state to spread awareness about an alcohol-free life.

"This is a unique initiative that will bear positive results in Bihar," Pandey said.

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