Businessman Gunned Down Following his Refusal to Pay 'Rangdari Tax'

Police gather at the crime scene in Patna City on Friday night.

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Patna: Once a hallmark of the infamous Lalu Raj, 'Rangdari Tax', or extortion, is once again showing sign of a comeback in the Nitish Raj as, despite the administration's claim, crime, particularly murder, broad daylight robbery, and extortion continue to rise leaving the Chief Minister in a very awkward situation.

Late Friday evening, more than half a dozen armed criminals barged into a jewelry shop in Patna City and opened fire at its owner killing him on the spot.

The victim, identified as Alok Ranjan Mishra, was hit by three bullets in his head and two bullets in his heart. He was taken to the Nalanda Medical College and Hospital (NMCH) where he was declared dead on arrival.

As reported, Mishra, the owner of Baba Jewelers, was sitting at his shop with a woman customer when about seven to eight criminals entered the store and opened fire at him. He was hit multiple times though the woman was unhurt. As Mishra fell on the counter, the criminals lobbed a bomb outside the shop and fled on their motorcycles towards Karmalichak.

Family members said Mishra had received an anonymous call on his cell phone about ten days ago with the person at the other end asking him to meet with him at some place. Mishra, however, ignored the call but did mention it to him to his elder brother Raju Mishra deputed in Nawada as an Excise Inspector.

Meanwhile, family members of the victim are in a state of shock as relatives and neighbors arrived at the victim's home to console the wife of Mishra, his 16-year old son and a 13-year old daughter Akanksha.

Businessmen in the area have decided to show their protest by keeping their shops closed on Saturday.

Police are in the process of collecting surveillance video from the neighborhood in an attempt to identify the killers, ASP Manish Kumar said.


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