Patna Observes Nine Minute of 'Batti Bujhao, Dia Jalao' Call by PM Modi

Patna'ites observing nine minutes of blackout at 9pm on Saturday as asked by PM Modi.

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Patna: Like the rest of the country, millions of people in Patna on late Sunday evening, at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, turned off lights at their homes and held lit candles for exactly nine minutes at 9:00 pm to 'ward off' deadly coronavirus that has, as of April 5, taken nearly 67,000 lives worldwide and close to 100 in India alone.

The scene was visible across Bihar where people turned off the lights and lit candles and 'deeyas' at their homes, roofs, balconies, and window ledges in a show of solidarity towards war against the pandemic that began in Wuhan region of China last December.

At most temples in Patna, lights were turned off and earthen lamps were lit along with the use of firecrackers offering a sense of Diwali festival for a brief period of nine minutes.

Politicians, cutting across party line, joined Modi in his call for 'Deep Jalao, Corona Bhagao' endeavor that follows similar other attempts by the Modi administration like 'Go Corona Go' by some of his Cabinet ministers and 'Clap to 'scare away coronavirus into making a hasty retreat'.

One could also hear the sound of 'shankh', or conch shells, coming from many homes where people thought that could also scare away the coronavirus.

As reported, most people in Patna are maintaining social distance as advised by the health experts though at various vegetable markets and grocery shops that are still open, one could see clear violation of this safety measure that is said to be the most effective measure to avoid being hit by this virus.


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