Police Crackdown on Lockdown violators in Patna

People step out of their homes in Sheikhpura area despite complete lockdown in effect.

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Patna: Police in Patna on Monday had to resort to lathi charge at many places to stop people from blatantly flouting the coronavirus lockdown order. Throughout the day, police carried out spot checks of areas known for drawing crowd like grocery shops and vegetable markets.

Authorities confiscated dozens of private vehicles, mostly two-wheelers, that were found to be in violation of the mandated curfew and fined thousands of people to the tune of Rs. 4 lakh.

Police, after a few days of remaining out of sight, sprung to action on Monday and set road blockades in many areas including Kankarbagh, Gardanibagh, Patrakar Nagar, Gandhi Maidan, Dak Bungalow Crossing, Boring Road, Bailey Road, SK Puri, and Ashok Rajpath where they stopped nearly 250 bikers and motorists and collected fines from them before allowing them to leave with a stern warning.

Police patrol Patna streets to crackdown on lockdown violators on Monday.

The worst case of defiance of social distancing rule was witnessed in Sheikhpura where hundreds of people, nearly rubbing shoulder to shoulder, came out of their homes to fill the local shopping areas for food and other essential items.

When people refused to follow police order to return home, authorities used light force to disperse the crowd. As reported, similar force was used in other areas including Raja Bazaar and Kankarbagh where people had gathered in large numbers.


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