Coronavirus is taking lives of the human beings all around the world and we can all see its effects on our lives. But there seems to be a deeper meaning to that. And this meaning is significant for the man as well as for all other living things on this planet.

There is news being heard of how the water is transforming. We are day by day getting news of several animal species entering the human-occupied lands. The water is getting cleaner and there are now more chances to get a glimpse of the water animals that were long out of sight. The air is getting cleaner as jokes are circulating over how someone is able to see Burj Khalifa from the terrace of his house.

There are far more similar instances of how the earth is changing in these COVID-19 days.

Also, there are lesser vehicles on the roads, with lesser industries working and throwing out polluted air.

So, what does all this imply? What will happen after these days are over, after the crisis comes to an end? Should we transform our ways of life as well to let the above changes continue? These questions are all important as we have been facing issues across the globe regarding increasing pollution and animals getting extinct.

It is important to note that the virus is being harsh to the human population and not to the animals directly. It is livelier for the animals than deadly.

There is one major aspect attached to the matter. The coronavirus crisis itself is said to have generated due to consumption of some parts of the bird called bat. That shows our cruelty towards life of others for our selfish motives. Doesn’t that need a change? If we do not change, such pandemics will keep showing themselves from time to time to create a balance on the planet.

So, this way the effect of the virus is giving us significant lessons about leading our lives in a better way. It will be better for the mother earth and thus to all life on it.

Surbhi Jain, Bangalore

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