As the novel coronavirus is taking its deadly toll on lives and economies all over the globe, the Indian voters at a time are now imagining and expecting that the focus of the government would be on containing the spread of the virus and coming up with the measures to reduce the burden of the people.

But the dominant authority’s mood seems to be very particular about their voters. Physical, cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political, ideological, or psychological differences need to be united in a diverse country like ours to fight against the contagious virus.

Till date, we do not have any medicine or vaccine to cure COVID-19. Social distancing and tests are the great catchwords of the period. A country like America that has failed to rein the virus in its early outspread is now focussing on doing the maximum number of tests in the country to save Americans. In general, selection of doing the test in every state of India, it would be according to the house survey, population, and according to the number of cases with its stage. How would authorities know the stage? TEST, test, and test. The very first move towards the containment of the virus is doing as much as the number of tests.

Rohtas (Sasaram), one of the thirty-eight districts of Bihar, was on national television news for not maintaining social distance in a fish market on the 20th of April after partial reopen of the 21 days lockdown in the country. On 21st April, Sasaram recorded its first case of COVID-19 of a 60 years old lady.

Bihar is fighting against COVID-19 with fragile health care system with its 12.3 crores population migrant laborers on its border. With such districts that were in the green zone after completion of 21 days and 6 days, thus, after 27 days of lockdown, this district emerged as a hotspot on 24th April. Did the Jamati travel from Delhi and reached Sasaram after almost a month or the test kits were sent to Prime Minister’s favoured state?

The population of Bihar is 12.3 crores and the test done in Bihar as of April 23 was 13843, whereas Gujrat’s population is almost half of Bihar, i.e., 6.27 crores, has done 25,094 tests only between 14th and 22nd April.

The day when the health secretary of Gujrat announced that the state will conduct 3,000 tests on a daily basis before media, the same day any panchayat, block, subdivision, the district would be emerging as a hotspot in a state like Bihar.

The situation is not very much different in its neighboring state Jharkhand. Many states have been asking them for masks, test kits, PPE. Jharkhand’s Chief Minister has blamed for not providing test kits. Jharkhand with a population of 3.19 crores has conducted only 6,188 tests as of April 21.

Bihar has a total 40 Lok Sabha constituencies in which 39 have been won by the ruling party and its allies. The voter of each and every constituency who is a citizen of this country participated in PM’s Thali or be it Diya initiative when one was expecting for getting one’s 70 years old diabetic father’s medicine. Is the daughter/son safe who has to visit frequently for groceries and medicines.

A picture trending on social sites shows a girl holding a child with the bare body, both using leaves on their faces as a facemask. This shows that the coercion of poverty can prevail upon consciousness. Various kinds of initiatives have been seen in Jharkhand’s Naxalite-dominating areas to sustain COVID-19. Although all the consciousness of citizens could be put down by favourtisim of the higher authorities.

Pratyay Amrit, Siwan

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