We are in global catastrophe and in this unprecedented time, fear & anxiety is prevalent everywhere. It is the most trying time for most of us. Since this ordeal has begun, we are at WAR with the outside world and the world inside us.

Surprisingly, this WAR time has turned out to be “We Are Rejuvenating” time for many of us. Everyone around us is thinking of innovative ways to live our lives. Change is inevitable and an important ingredient in human civilization. COVID is also demanding its own set of changes to our lives. In this transition time whether we focus on positives or negatives is a choice we have to make for ourselves.

Solitary confinement because of COVID has brought us to our knees. It’s like someone has hit a pause button in our lives. Limited human interaction, limited resources have also limited our unending demand from life. Our Instant gratification attitude is also shaken and delay or deferment is not making us crazy anymore. We are surely changing.

High-end technology devices, expensive and branded attire, 5-star cuisine that is classified as non-essential services by Government are non-essential for us. COVID taught us what basic and important means. In our rush to achieve "the best", we were insensitive to each other's feelings and emotions. But now given a chance, most of us would like to extend our help to needy, whether it is helping our partner in the household or to help the poor with a basic survival kit. Generosity has taken over completely. We are "HUMAN" beings now and not just living beings. Unavailability of paid services has made us independent as well. From haircut to home painting, from home-schooling to mithai making - everything done on our own. Isn’t it a blessing in disguise? With a hold on spending spree and less wastage, we are saving as well.

Also, as we see mother nature reviving, it gives us an optimistic vibe. We are at home to save ourselves from the infection and additionally, it's also saving us from pollution. The time spent in traffic is being used for self-discovery. Reduction in pollution and global heating will also prevent floods, earthquakes, and other natural calamities. It’s a win-win situation for all.

A declining economy is something we all are concerned about. It is predicted that the recession will last for several years. Maybe this is a way that mother nature is taking us back to the point where we started messing up with our lives and nature. Our numerous expectations and aspiration were acting against us and had put us on the path of self-destruction. Maybe we are paying back for our fault. The economy will surely revive as nothing is impossible to achieve if positive minds work together in harmony.

Post-COVID lets have a more thoughtful way of showing up in the world. Let's stop running at warp speed and slow down our lives and try to understand the impact of our actions. Let's get our exigency in a timely manner and learn the art to having patience. Let’s appreciate our genre and learn to empathize than criticize.

Let's choose to see the gift in all this. Three cheers to our WAR and we will come out of this with vigour and enthusiasm to do good.

Kaweri MishraKaweri Mishra is a freelance writer. Originally from Darbhanga, she grew up in the IOCL township of Begusarai and is currently a resident of Bangalore.

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