Delhi-bound Rajdhani Express Leaves Patna after Nearly Two Months

Passengers line up outside Rajendra Nagar Terminal in Patna on Tuesday.

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Patna: Fifty-one days after the last train left Rajendra Nagar Railways Terminal in Patna, Patna-Delhi Rajdhani Express special train left for the nation's capital at 7:20 pm on Tuesday carrying 350 passengers.

The movement of trains had come to a screeching halt due to the nationwide lockdown imposed by the Modi government in an attempt to keep the highly contagious novel Coronavirus at bay nearly two months ago.

Before boarding the train, mask-wearing passengers were tested for any symptom of the virus and their luggage thoroughly sanitized.

The train left the Rajendra Nagar Terminal at its scheduled time of 7:30 and arrived at Patna Junction ten minutes later where 640 more passengers boarded the train after undergoing the required testing and sanitization process.

With railway officials and police keeping a close eye on all passenger activities, people, by and large, were seen maintaining the rules of social distancing and did not mind being checked for fever or other COVID-19 symptoms.


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