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Super 30 Fights to Protect its Brand Name

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Patna: Anybody who has studied in Super 30 knows that it was started by Anand Kumar, as a special unit of the Ramanujan School of Mathematics that started in 1992. Super 30 was a result of Anand Kumar’s desire to do something for the poor students.

As they say, the rest is history. Today, Super 30 is a brand name known worldwide. Its list of accolades is already well-documented and laurels continue to pour in from every corner of the world despite the institute's doggedness to maintain its original simplicity.

Kumar, however, is now facing what most successful start-up ventures experience – a steady rise of copycats eager to cash-in in the name of Super 30.

Normally competition would be considered a good and healthy trend particularly if the copycats strived to provide the same level of advanced training to the students with the same degree of compassion and professionalism as offered by Kumar and his team.

However, this has not been case and no one is more frustrated than the founder of the Super 30 himself.

According to Kumar himself, he is increasingly spending his time protecting the name of Super 30 as a handful of upstart IIT/JEE coaching institutes are using the goodwill of Super 30 to promote their own venture. Claiming to be affiliated with the Patna-based Super 30, these entrepreneurs are luring unsuspecting IIT aspirants to their institutes while laughing all the way to the bank leaving Kumar scrambling to protect his brand name.

{gallery}newsimages/102410{/gallery}Giving an example of the blatant abuse of the name he built and nurtured for 18 years so carefully, Anand said that when Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi visited Super 30 and asked him to help set up a similar model in his state, someone posing as a representative of the Super 30 approached the Assam government.

Later, Anand had to deny it in writing saying the person approaching the Assam government was, in no way or shape, associated with the Super 30.

The scam was then repeated in Chhattisgarh. Someone posing as Super 30 official approached the Chhattisgarh government and walked away with a contract of Rs. 1.6 crores to setup a 'branch' of Super 30 in the state.

Kumar says he has some idea as to the identity of the people behind such activities.

"How could a servant of the Bihar government involve himself in interstate commerce without the permission of the state?" Kumar wondered adding he again had to clarify to the Chhattisgarh government that he, or the Super 30, had absolutely nothing to do with this new project.

While replying to Abhishek Upadhyaya, a resident of Raipur in Chhattisgarh, who wanted to know if the 'Eureka Super 30' was affiliated to the world famous Super 30, Kumar was once again forced to clarify his position.

In a letter sent to Upadhyaya, Kumar's brother and Super 30 Coordinator Pranav Kumar wrote the following:

"One, the Super 30 was set up by Anand Kumar who is a known mathematician across the globe and he has been, since its inception, the guiding spirit of the institute.

Two, the Super 30 headed by Anand Kumar was neither informed about the "inauguration of Super 30 chapter” in Chhattisgarh of the famed Super 30 in Patna nor is he in any way associated with it".

Three, no such institution that you mentioned in your letter, is affiliated with our organisation in any way.

Four, we do not accept any donation from private as well as government agencies and generate money ourselves by teaching intermediate level students. Also we do not involve in any project started by the government.

Finally, we are not responsible for the future of the students of the program that you mentioned, as it has nothing to do with Anand Kumar's Super 30. You are welcome for the any further queries.

Pranav Kumar
Coordinator, Super 30"

Kumar said that he was surprised why anyone would do all this.

"A capable man lets his work speak for itself and not by launching vituperative campaigns. One can always start a Super 90 and help 90 underprivileged children cross the bar of JEE. Many more such initiatives are required, but they need to be honest. Sitting on other’s laurels won’t take one too far. Truth speaks louder!" said the man who started it all.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ajay, the Director of the Eureka Institute of Science located on 245 Pataliputra Colony, Road No 2, Patna 13, in a press statement, gave his own explanation of the term 'Super 30'.

"Super 30 is a concept that strives to provide free quality education to the poor and backwards. There are now five Super 30s and Eureka Institute of Science is one of them," Dr. Ajay said adding many coaching institutes had submitted tender for the Chhattisgarh project and the Eureka Institute happened to walk away with the contract.

In Chhattisgarh, however, leaders are seeking a high-level probe into the entire incident seeking tough actions against those who are found guilty of any misappropriation.







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