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Tarumitra Activists Protest Tree Cutting

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Patna: Upset by the prospect of over 4,000 trees to be cut in order to make airplane landing at Patna Airport more safe, young boy and girl members of the Tarumitra organization on Saturday, protested at Patna Botanical Garden demanding from the government to rethink its decision and relocate the airport elsewhere to save the trees and the birds that make those trees their home.

"This (cutting of the tree) will have devastating effect on our environment. The Botanical Garden is the only place in Patna that provides immediate solace from the hustle and bustle of the city life and by cutting 4,000 trees, the authorities would essentially be lowering the quality of life of the people of Patna and around," said a Tarumitra official.

{gallery}newsimages/082810_2{/gallery}Dozens of school girls wearing school uniform, carrying 'Save the Tree' placards, demanded an immediate stop on the cutting of the trees and moving the airport to some other location. They also planted saplings as tree-cutters hired by the administration continued to prune or chop trees despite the protest.

"Trees are one of the essential ingredients of a pollution-free environment and by cutting it, they are in fact acting against the nature that would only lead to more pollution in the area," the girls said.

As reported earlier, the Airports Authority of India earlier issued an ultimatum to the state government to either cut the trees near the airport to make aircraft landing safer or face the closure of the airport.


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