Patna: An upbeat Chief Minister on Wednesday proudly displayed the potatoes raised by a farmer in his home district of Nalanda who has earned the honor of setting a new world record in potato production using only organic farming techniques.

The farmer, who happens to share the name of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, has managed to raise 72.9 tons of potatoes per hectare beating the previous world record of 45 tons per hectare established earlier by the Netherlands.

"This is a very proud moment for all of us that further bolsters our resolve of a second green revolution in the state. Nitish has proved that with proper knowledge and technique, Bihar could attain this goal in not so distant future," the Chief Minister said.

Sanjay Kumar Agrawal, the Nalanda District Magistrate, said experts and senior officials have verified the legitimacy of the new record and the farmer would soon be honored at a function held in the coming days.