Upendra Kushwaha Announces Formation of RLSP

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Patna: Former friend-turned-foe of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Upendra Kushwaha, on Sunday announced the formation of a brand new party called Rashtriya Lok Samata Party, or RSLP, with him being its national president of the party.

The announcement came at a rally by Kushwaha's former party Bihar Navnirman Manch that he formed a few years ago after parting ways from Nitish Kumar, at Gandhi Maidan in Patna.

"Our party is going to give some serious contention to the JD-U that, in alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has failed to show any result that was expected from it," Kushwaha said.

Unloading on the current government, the off again, on again supporter of Nitish Kumar, said that the law and order under the current administration had gone from bad to worse and the entire state was in the clutches of corrupt bureaucrats and the high-handedness of the police department.

This is not the first time Kushwaha has formed a new party after being marginalized by the Chief Minister. In 2009, he formed a party with the same name sans 'Lok' called Rashtriya Samata Party. However, within months, he dissolved the party only to once again join the Janata Dal – U to remain with Nitish Kumar.


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