Patna: A two and half hour special session on Time and Stress Management was organized at the Allahabad Bank Staff Training College in Patna for its senior managers. The program was conducted by Milan K Sinha, Stress Management & Motivational Trainer, and a regular contributor of PatnaDaily.Com.

In course of interaction with the participating managers, Sinha said that the increasing stress at the work place was the result of a state of psychological and/or physiological imbalance resulting from the disparity between situational demand and the individual's ability or motivation to meet those demands.

Failure to manage time well results in non-performance and thereby pushes up the stress level, Sinha said adding changing the natural course of life at will or worse, under compulsion, created a highly stressful situation that affected not only the health of the employee, thus also affecting his productivity in turn, but also the health of the family at large due to its multi-dimensional impact on life.

Sinha asserted that an individual who tried to go up in career path very fast but forgot to organize, deputize, and supervise in a positive and transparent manner usually met with heart, kidney and liver problems even in his early forties.

He, however, insisted that one must not panic under any condition as there were ways and means to address stress related problems by following curative, preventive, and promotive approaches.

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