मेरा अक्सर, भारत यात्रा के दौरान, विभिन्न शहरों में जाना होता है. या तो अपने निजी कामों के कारण इन शहरो में जाना होता है या फिर किसी सेमिनार या कांफ्रेंस में अपने एकेडमिक कामों के कारण. इसी यात्रा के क्रम में, अपने अपने कार्य क्षेत्र में विशिष्ट योगदान देने वाले कई लोगों से क़रीब से मिलने, कुछ जानने और साथ ही उन से कुछ सीखने का भी मौक़ा मिलता है.

The state which just crossed over the assembly election has been witnessing agitation all around and most interestingly, none of them is for political reasons. The state witnessed the closure of shops frequently, this fortnight against the coercive revenue generating measures of the government.

Some good news for the Muslim world in the academic front has been reported recently by international agencies. For instance, world ranking of top 500 universities for 2015 by Shanghai University shows nine universities from the Muslim world included in the list.

Another chilly winter morning in Agartala, the sun trying to win over the clouds in the fight of superiority, the breeze has a tinge of coolness, in the distance some fog is still to be seen, the dew on the grass from the last night is evident, all make up for another normal morning in the scheme of life.

One of beauties of democracy is that pretty often the voiceless section determines the one who ought to get the mandate.

This was best seen when Peoples Pulse toured Bihar to assess the situation for the 2015 Assembly elections. It is clear that the battle lines were fully drawn based on caste. The upper castes like the Brahmins, Bhumihars and Rajputs along with Banias, Kushwas, Paswans, and Mushahars have predominantly decided to back the NDA - BJP, LJP, RLSP and ex-Chief Minister Mr. Jitan Ram Manjhi’s Hindustani Awam Morcha.

The identitarian turn in Hindi Heartland (Uttar Pradesh and Bihar) since late 1980s led to the electoral viability of caste and community-centered political parties at the expanse of catch-all and class-based parties like Congress and Left wherein the parties like Bahujan Samajwadi Party and Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh and Janata Dal/Rashtriya Janata Dal in Bihar catered primarily to the interests of their respective core constituencies, namely, numerically dominant castes among OBCs and Dalits like Yadavs and Jatav-Chamars.

In the popular parlance, both Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi, the leading faces of Mahagathbandhan and NDA in Bihar election, are known to pursue development centric electoral campaigns quite successfully by making identity issues subservient to developmental agenda.

As an NRI, I visited Bihar and travelled by the road to different places in Bihar. The worst road condition was when I travelled from Bhagalpur to Banka (distance of 46 km) by road. The road was full of big potholes and there we came across over 1200 potholes for the entire trip distance of 46 km.

जब हम बचपन से स्कूल की दलीज़ पर कदम रखते हैं और फिर धीरे-धीरे पढ़ाई के साथ-साथ हमारे अन्दर सोचने और समझने की प्रवृति परवान चढ़ने लगती है, तभी से हमारे अन्दर अच्छे और बुरे को परखने का ज्ञान विकसित होने लगता है और तब हम आसपास के वातावरण से प्रभावित होना शुरू होते हैं.