Religion and caste are major determinants of social and political organization in India today. In India 81 percent of the population is Hindu but India is also the home of more than 138 million Muslims which is one of the world’s largest Muslim populations. Muslims are 13.4 percent of India population.

India has seen the rise of great entrepreneurs namely Dhirbubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata - likes of which have never been seen before. The country also has established itself as a prominent IT outsourcing destination. Amongst this huge growth prospect, mostly male-dominated, the women of the nation are also slowly building their name in the world of business. To support their effort, we've gathered some of the most successful women entrepreneurs who proved that nothing is impossible, as long as you're determined to reach your goals.

Bihar goes to polls in October this year as its assembly term ends. All parties are gearing up themselves to win this election as it is likely to cast a shadow on the ensuing assembly elections in Punjab, West Bengal, and more importantly in Uttar Pradesh.

A legacy forgotten is history lost! I am putting forward a veritable issue that is directly linked with the glorious legacy of freedom movement in Bihar and has been neglected by the government. Considering the befitting merit of the issue, I am quite optimistic that it will catch people's attention equally and is heard and taken notice of in the corridors of power of the regime of the day in Bihar!

ISIS has released a video of a woman being stoned to death. To quote the news article: "She is seen begging for forgiveness from her father, but he refuses at first. A jihadi then persuades him to forgive her so her soul can ascend to heaven. The man leads his daughter to a hole dug in the ground, then gathers stones, which are then used by the IS members to pelt the woman with until she dies."

(On the occasion of URS Celebrations of Haji Waris Ali Shah – on 11th Oct. 2014 at Dewa Sharis)

Haji Syed Waris Ali Shah, popularly known as Haji Saheb, was a great Sufi, distinguished for piety, learning and simplicity. He identified service of God with the service of man. For him spiritual life was nothing but service of humanity.

According to Al Bukhari and Al Muslim (two important books containing the sayings of Messenger of Allah), Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is reported to have told a young man who came to him for the cause of Jihad, "Go back to your parents and keep good company with them. (You should) consider their service as Jihad."

With Modi has come the much needed optimism that is finally opening the floodgates to foreign investment in India. This is a time when people in India - especially Bihar should be cautious. 

Biological diversity, or the shorter term "biodiversity," means the variety of life forms like human beings, animals of all sorts and plants of different categories in a region or on the globe.