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The most trusted way to curb COIVD 19 is social distancing and washing our hands frequently. Washing our hands frequently can make our hands dry and itchy but can be combated by a good moisturizer.

But what about social distancing which is making us psychologically isolated, do we have a quick fix for that too? Being at home the whole day and all of a sudden loss of productive role play is making us crazy. Doing nothing is so hard, isn't it? We are all in the state of physiological distress.

Is this disease trying to teach us something very inherent to the human race which we have forgotten and should relentlessly work on before it's too late? Let’s see today’s scenario and understand it better.

It might sound trivial but aren’t we all missing our neighborhood chaatwala cuisines? With vegetables delivered at doorstep and payments are done online isn't that fun of bargain on rates with our sabjiwala missing these days?

Yes! All these little things were components of our well-being which we hardly noticed earlier. A stroll in our neighboring park with a buddy which we simply avoided because of some crazy business call is so much needed to keep our happy hormones flowing. We all are craving to hug our friends, celebrate our joy in a larger group or just have a face to face chit-chat with our loved ones. What is amiss? It’s the “Human Touch” or the physical presence of humans around us which plays a fundamental role in our well-being. We are lucky to have our immediate family with us but this strange phase has shown us that humans beyond our family circle also play a big role in our lives. I pity people who are all alone in these lockdown stages.

The biggest challenge of COVID 19 is that once we are in clutches of this disease, we completely lose the “human touch” whether we are dead or alive. Even the doctors and nurses around us are covered with multiple layers of protection. People fear our presence. I can't imagine being so sick with no one to hold and caress me. Doctors are trying their best to fill up this gap, hats off to our heroes for this.

The COVID days have certainly made us feel deeply why we need humans around us. Good human relations are said to improve our life span. Post-COVID-19 new version of the human race is bound to come who will realize that human touch has a key role to play in our existence.

With these extended lockdown stages, what is it that we can do to keep our psyche and mind intact, is a subject to ponder on. In these days of isolation, why don’t we work to heal our soul? Yes, our soul which is deep within us and we never bothered in the hustle and bustle of our lives. The simple act of love like catching up virtually with our old friends and ensuring to reach out to our family members who are not with us is a great way to heal our soul. Self-care is also a very good and recommended way to boost ourselves.

It’s also a golden opportunity to uplift ourselves spiritually. It's time to find answers to questions like "what are we here for?", what really makes us happy and what can we give back to our mother nature and the human race. Let us find out innovative ways to achieve this daily even when we are out of our homes. This is a chance to make our lives more meaningful and we live happily ever after.

Kaweri MishraKaweri Mishra is a freelance writer. Originally from Darbhanga, she grew up in the IOCL township of Begusarai and is currently a resident of Bangalore.


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