We all are very well aware of the fact that our medical system is badly affected in this COVID-19 situation but is this the right point to justify the ignorance facing by other patients needing emergency health care?

Recently I got to know one of my acquaintances, 50-year old man residing at the AG Colony, Patna, was suffering from some internal infection because of the kidney transplant he had undergone few years back. When his condition became critical, people in his family tried to contact and ambulance to take him to the hospital. To my amusement I got to know that the ambulance driver was not responding well; he himself was deciding the time limit in which he will come to take the patient to the hospital.

Time passed by and finally the long wait for the ambulance was over. Another long wait started at the hospital when the family members were literally begging to the hospital staff to get him checked once and see if something could be done. Later, he was announced dead.

Other case, again one of my acquaintances, a 70-year old lady in Patna suffering from cardiac disorder was not feeling well and she went to the hospital seeking medical care. One full day this lady kept looking for a bed in any hospital that served the needed emergency help but unfortunately, she couldn't get one. And sadly, this lady passed away the very next day.

Now the question is who should we blame for this, the patient, the hospital staff or the government? We are already being affected badly by this COVID directly and now indirectly by this medical negligence too.

These are just two cases that I have come across and I am very sure that there are many more cases that people are going through every day. I myself being a dentist can tell how badly we are affected and how badly our health care system needs to be improved. We don't have sufficient well-functioning hospitals neither do we have sufficient beds, equipment or hospital staff too. It is sad but this is the truth.

So, it is of utmost important for the Bihar government to, at the least, make sure what is available to us is functioning well.

Dr. Pallavi Kumari