In the last few years, all of a sudden, we have become very much conscious about our religion as if religion is something which was borne out yesterday. For me, we are living in a world full of ignorance or for that matter, we do not want to live in reality. Illusions console us and we use it as a cocoon.

But to whom we are fighting in the name of religion? Are we not fighting with our own brothers, killing our own people, lynching them to that extent that they commit suicide? If we really look into ourselves by breaking the cocoon of illusion, we will see that we have become more like a Blake’s “Tyger” and we have left our inner “Lamb” somewhere. We do not even want to search that innocence as if it is long lost. We have become the ‘lost-generation’.

This is so true for our own state, Bihar. The root cause of the caste-religious society is superstition, illiteracy, poverty, and exploitation of the poor. From my childhood days I am watching the same scenario in Bihar but that tendency has grown up more in the recent years. Now we can see that even educated persons are talking about religion and caste. All of a sudden, we want to protect our religion saying that ‘my religion is in danger’. God is omnipotent. It is He who has created us and He is above all of us. He does not need our protection. And God never says to exploit someone on the basis of his/her religion and caste.

We Biharis are lagging behind because of the chain of religion and the root cause of this chain is illiteracy. Most of our educational institutes are running on papers and even if they are working, they are preaching us something which has made us misanthrope. We need to break that shackle. Religion is something that must be restricted to our personal choice and the great example of it has been set out by the students of Kerala. Nonetheless, religion preach us to spread humanity and peace where there is no place for violence.

It is a very sensitive issue and a dynamite which can burst if we will not think carefully. Before taking any religious decision, we must think twice. Politicians are using us for their own sake. We have become the puppet in their hands. We can see the injustice but do not want to act as if we are blind. Is it religion that has covered our eyes or is it the chain of religion which do not let us act because of the fear of society? Please share your views on how to tackle these problems.

Written by Shahrukh Khan, Araria, Bihar. Aliah University, Kolkata