Atrocities against Lower Caste not a Bihar Monopoly

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I saw this article in Wall Street Journal this morning - "UNTOUCHABLE Brutal Attack in India Shows How Caste System Lives On by YAROSLAV TROFIMOV December 27, 2007; Page A1"

A quote from article summarizes - "Forgoing his ancestral occupation of handling rotting cow carcasses, Bhaiyalal Bhotmange set up a tiny wheat and rice farm in this village. The income enabled him to buy a cell phone and educate his three children. His 17-year-old daughter learned English, a rarity here. A son studied computers and enrolled at a local college. "I knew that only through education can we uplift our status," Mr. Bhotmange says. "This was my dream."

Last year, the dream ended. A mob of higher-caste neighbors, angered by the family's refusal to accept their destiny as the lowliest of the low, attacked their home. Mr. Bhotmange's wife and children were dragged out and murdered, their bodies dumped in a canal. Mr. Bhotmange, who had managed to flee, is now a refugee in a nearby city, afraid to venture into Khairlanji."

To me this illustrates two things. Whole of India shares same rotten problems even if Marathis think that they are better than Biharis. To move forward every one has to work towards rule of law. The other issue illustrated is somehow I did not see this story in Hindustan Times or Times of India though I visit their web sites quite regularly. To play its role in a democracy, Indian press must cease to be an instrument of regional supremacy. All news must be reported. Some of the news is censored to make one region look worse than others.


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