State's Higher Education Needs Overhauling

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Conventional courses these days are eclipsed by introduction of vocational courses in state universities, but these courses without any faculty is worthless because same teachers have been engaged in teaching both the courses resulting in a  decline at both levels. I am not against these courses but separate faculty with the specialization would have been better option for students placement in those areas.

The courses like waste management, renewal energy sources, environmental science, biotechnology, mass communication, must be introduced in every university with their separate  faculties so the students could get better placements provided it is introduced in their curriculum.

Simultaneously productive researches to meet the basic needs of the society would have been essential for the sustainable development. Every teacher should be given opportunity to carry research in their respective field for sustainable development barring academic upliftment only. Research should be made an integral part of the educational system and the Government/University should come forward by granting funds to all the teachers so that the worth could be achieved.

If teachers are incapable of submitting productive findings, their increment should be stopped till they do so. There is a need of publication of manual from universities and teachers of every faculty. They need to contribute at least once so that the university cell of higher education may keep a watch over educational/research activities in the universities. The core area of research must be defined in environmental science, veterinary science, medicine, and agriculture so the teachers could concentrate on a defined line by academic vigilance  because mushrooming of the work would be useless to maintain the sanctity of higher education.

Teachers performance must be recorded in the class and simultaneous evaluation by students because I believe students are the best judge and their evaluation should be tagged with their increment as well. If teachers are doing well and their performance is better and evaluation is better, he/she must be awarded extra increment to provide encouragement to them. The teachers who are not coping with the guidelines must be given two chances to improve otherwise there should not be any hesitation in firing them from services.

Every teacher must have internet surfing capabilities. This way they will be up-to-date and squinted with latest findings in their respective fields.

The appointment of Vice Chancellors should be made from a search committee who could understand the value of research/ISSN numbers/citation in referred journals and productive values. Only such academicians should be picked up who have large publications and academic excellence for the top chair of the universities. Simultaneously, Vice Chancellors of respective universities should address regularly to their deans, HoDs, and teachers over the objective and target to improve academic standard in the universities.

The day Nitish and Sushil will give a salient thoughts on improvement under good governance as I see them on Facebook pointing out latest outcome and targets, that would be the beginning of improvement in state. It requires determination and both of you have the potential, otherwise my column in PD "Nothing can grow on the soil of Bihar" will not go in the waste basket.


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