India Doesn't Need Honest Bureaucrats

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If not all, most of the officers who join the Indian Administrative Services, come with a thought to change. A Change that they feel is being alluded for generations in the Indian society. Only after joining the bureaucracy do they understand that it was else meant to be. Instead of them changing the society, in turn, they end up being changed, alas, for bad. Ones who still keep their hearts on their mind, suffer the agony of getting frustrated, transferred, shunted and have to go through all agonies, that they never would have imagined to go through.

I came to know of shunting when I was around 23 or 24. Bihar is a hot bed of politics. Even if you don't want to get into politics or political news, your ears can never play foul to you and would let you hear such things that would, probably, seem relevant in future. That's how I learnt of it. A conversation that was going on among a few of my friends and a few elders but of the same generation as I. Location, though, was not Bihar but Delhi. Person in question was Late Madan Mohan Jha, one of the most daring District Magistrates and a noted educationist, as I heard, of times when I would have been, say, around five-ish.

People say he dared the mafia like hell. Some governments shunted him but wherever he went, he created panic for corrupt people and the lobbysts. I had the opportunity to talk to him once when I was around 25. I was looking for an apartment in Dwarka. I guess, he had an apartment in National apartments at Dwarka, New Delhi. Can't forget that an IAS officer could be that humble. Long story short, he was one of those who kept his heart over his mind.

1. It's been around few years that I have been active in understanding the relationship between Indian politics and the bureaucracy. While reading I encounter a lot of information and one such was Manoje Nath, Sr. IPS officer of Bihar Cadre. He took head on some senior IAS officials for corruption. He was shunted to Home Guards division, an officer whose services would have helped better for the cause of common people. Link

2. Lately I heard of Damyanti Sen, IPS officer in Kolkata who was recently transferred. She is widely acknowledged as the one who cracked a rape case within a short period of time. Instead of being patted on the back, she has been shown the way to head training department. Link

3. Recently you all must have heard of Srinivas Reddy, an IPS officer who took on the liquor mafia in Andhra Pradesh with some incriminating evidence against some senior politicians, IAS, IPS officers and ministers too. There is a similar story in Gujarat where some of the honest IAS officers who stood against the crime against minority community were also shunted and cases slapped against them. Link

4. Same was the case of IPS officer Shivdeep Lande who, when started laying his wrath on the criminals, was in sudden and pre-matured way, transferred to Araria from Patna. SP Lande was shifted within hours of raiding a fake medicine factory. I would presume this factory, minting fake medicines, would have done more harm to us than to anyone else. Wondering why ministers or politicians don't eat such medicines so that they understand the plight? May be because they get treatment in the posh hospitals or the AIIMS where things are a little different, isn't it? Link

5. IAS officer Raju NarayanSwamy's case is no different. He is known as the "Clean up Officer". He took on his own father-in-law, a big time contractor, and served CrPC notice on him because he wanted to block a public road to a poor neighbourhood of scheduled castes. Could one be more upright than him? One can think of historical age for such stories but they are true even today with a man like Raju Narayanswamy, an IIT passout. Link

In all of these cases, the typical reasoning of the governments has been about a routine transfer. Wondering what this routine is which is so irrational and pre-mature? If it is routine, it should be done after a due tenure and not really when the political bosses get freaked out as they feel threatned. The government would have taken steps, in all above cases, on the insistence of some people supporting these parties. Where do these people come from? Alas, from amongst us!

If you start looking at the list, it won't end. It will go on and on. They did their job but somehow we failed them or at least the people we elected. Instead of supporting the acts of such officers, we elect such politicians who rule us like hell but we still vote for them. Who is to be blamed? Who is spineless? The politicians or the people who vote for such politicians?


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