Three Ways We Can Improve Bihar

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It looks kind of fancy to say the state has improved, and locals feel something special when they hear it from all around. News for improved law and order, basic infrastructure development like road, hydro-electric power plant set up, increased educational institutes and pure water project proposal are published in leading newspaper.

Though, I don’t know the degrees of actual work done, at least we are now in a stage to talk about growth – some visible sign of change. Plus, few projects of national/international interest like revival of great Nalanda University, and talk about foreign investments in manufacturing unit are for sure upcoming proven benefits for state’s overall progress. And, all this is a good sign for state.  

So the state government is doing something valuable, I won’t say they are doing the best of their abilities but yes, of course satisfactory as per Indian politician standard. And, that is why Nitish Kumar is hardly known for Machiavellian politics. So far so good, he runs politics on the vision, good governance and execution capabilities. But then, we cannot dream somebody change everything overnight.

Now, when we have already become progressive to see “Better Bihar, Loved Bihar” at national level, and, everybody in authority put handsome effort to improve something every day, then now it’s time for commoner too to show some positive gesture. And, this is for what I am most afraid of. No, I do not mean commoner to contribute money and set up another reliance industry if there is such possibility. Or, to learn rocket science and launch satellite for regular crime control. Or, to sponsor separate team ‘Bihar Bomber’ in IPL. I am not saying any such things which are either not feasible or may drag you from professional and family responsibilities. My point is very straight and plain – change basic bad habits and mindsets. Well, it is nice to accept that we are hardworking, intelligent, nice natured, and we have skills to achieve any milestone within limited time. Yet, most of us have unacceptable gap in basic habits from what we call standard. And, to me first three are – cleanliness, good language, and moral values – that we need to keep high.

One, cleanliness, majority of India has opinion that the state is dirty, people are unhygienic and many more judgmental remarks and opinions. Of course, we don’t need any certificate to prove what we are, though we can ask this question to ourselves? Are we really clean? Are not we chewing ‘Paan’ or ‘Guthka’ or ‘Tambaku’ and spitting on street, wall, and platform or at any public place? Do we really care about our public properties? Are those well maintained and safe? Are we dumping organic, paper and food waste at right place? Do you really check if ‘Pani Puri’ seller given you properly cleaned plate? Do you really check if samosa and other street food have really taken hygienic way to cook? However it doesn’t mean, you don’t enjoy street food, but aware the seller to use the way you need it, everyone need it.  Trust me; taking hygienic way is not expensive. It’s all about awareness and habit. Even Samosa and Pani-Puri seller with an ease can afford. In fact, it is nothing to kind of afford, just the matter to change the style. But, for all that you have to first choice that way cooked and served street food.

Neither, you have to do an extra work to dump garbage on road or at unwanted place – just think before throwing – is it the right place? Before spitting – just think and stop. I already said it’s all about habits that have developed over decades. I know, there are many cities and states which are in more bad form but today, I am just talking about Bihar. And that is the important question. What is worse? Good people or bad habits? Improve and for sure we would feel classy about ourselves, society, health and locality – that we deserve.

Second, good language, surveys show a person with decent English language skills can increase earning power by four hundred times. Language is no more limited to communication medium. Instead, it reflects your personality, level of education, influencing abilities and professionalism. So, it is extremely important for us to speak in standard accent, should it be Hindi or English. And, no second opinion to accept this fact that though we are Hindi state, our Hindi is very much mixed, influenced and deteriorated by local languages.  I agree, language can never be bad or good, but in this high competitive world one should be in sync with the modern world. And, so standardization is desired. For example, the sentence “Hum ye kahe karenge?” should be corrected as “Mai ye kyun karoonga?” in plain tone. Again, this is matter of practice and habit.

And third, moral values, which defines set of values and core identity of a person or society, and honesty level. Who are you as a person? Are you ethical? Can you “say-no” to any wrongdoing inducement? So, if it is high, it means you have enormous potential, goodness and greatness. For happy, peaceful and corruption free society, its quotient must be always at higher side. This for sure need attention and work around to practice over, as we are very much comfortable or used to with less moral value. What I mean is if you find something on road, irrespective of its preciousness you should develop taste to return it to the person who that belongs to. Or, at least try to return. I said, it takes some effort but it’s not that tough. Your intention should be right. This is one example, but there are thousands of instances when you would get chance to show your moral duties.

All this together will architect heavenly, happy and peaceful society. And, I think country deserves this most.


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