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There is severe rush in admission in different universities of state. Some university is taking entrance examinations and some are adhering to marks obtained in the last examination.

This article is a survey report of the 1,211 college students (+2) surveyed. Seven percent revealed that they had not decided to any career. The most eye-opener was the fact that 20-23 % across science, arts, and commerce opted for careers they could not pursue as they were in the wrong stream.

Maximum number of students who had made wrong career choices was from Commerce (39%), so approximately 27%, or a quarter of the entire sample, had chosen the wrong area of specialization.

A popular career choice for Art students was communicative art, followed by counseling and psychology. Thirty percent of the Commerce students wanted to become Chartered Accountants.

Interestingly, for Science students, software/IT was one of the most preferred career choices; though engineering and medicine continued to top.

Sports, Music, and Law were also popular choices among many students.

A gender-wise analysis showed that 29% of the boys in Arts chose Law, followed by Journalism.

For girls, it was Journalism followed by Counseling. Furthermore, girls chose 5 out of 10 careers dealing with nurturance and creativity and those stereotypically considered feminine areas including Counseling, Music, Psychology, Design, and HRD.

For boys in the Science stream, Engineering is the next popular choice. The second (around 7%) is Commercial Pilot while Defense services come 4th. Medicine stands at the 5th place.

Among girls, Medicine is the most popular (38%) area followed by Engineering (34%).

For boys from Commerce faculty, CA is the preferred choice. The next two are Sports and Defense Services. Only one percent prefers teaching profession and that too, not in Bihar.

Higher education is in pitiable condition as the teachers of Bihar are neither getting due honor nor the required wages due to unnecessary riders by the HRD. Infighting among the political parties and administrative failures unnecessary delay the academic process and progress of the state.

I am in constant touch with our native state through our esteemed journal PatnaDaily.Com. The situation is worrisome because academic activities have come to a complete halt since last year or so. Nitish Kumar must intervene immediately otherwise it will be too late to revive the situation.


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