Killing Two Birds with One Stone

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Nitish kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, wants to display his image by organizing Adhikar rally like Lalu organized Tel Pilawan Lathi rally. It is most unfortunate that the CM of Bihar is organizing the rally in his own state. He should have done this in Delhi, if only to appease Congress for getting economic privilege.

Actually he is killing two birds with one stone. On one side, he wants to show his strength to BJP so that he could keep distance from it in the coming days once he organizes this Kurmi rally. On the other hand, he wants to degrade Lalu too. People who are participating in his rally are the same people who were with Lalu; they have got another breather in the guise of Nitish.

I advocated all the time through PD that Nitish is the same disgruntled segment of the Lalu ministry and one day he will come in his original guise. He is the person who said "Bhura bal saf karo" in Lalu ministry. The kidnapping, flesh trade, higher rate of apartments, ghuskhori, bureaucratic drama is again at its peak and people of this state are at a crossroad in search of an alternative government. Nitish has gone arrogant; academic arena is on ventilator, health care is careless, administrative machinery is at the last stair. People who oscillate around him are praising him for being the future PM of india and telling him that Bihar is far ahead than any other state of the country.

I am coming from Sikkim, Rajasthan tour and I suggest them through this journal to visit once those states where tourism is at highest peak; cultural heritage is extremely rich and people are content with the administration. These state are progressing day and night. Bihar government could not even develop its infrastructure and the mass exodus of students and teachers still continue.

I am not in favor of Lalu nor are the people of Bihar but Nitish has gone arrogant and swabhiman rally in guise of Adhikar rally will certainly degrade his image which could be visible in the next electoral mandate.


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