Groaning of the Spirit – A Tribute to 'Damini'

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People gather together talking Delhi’s girl tragedy,
They will mourn for few days, weeks or months,

That will disappear in forgotten memories shortly,
Courage, bravery, strength, discipline and enforcement,
These words will be around for some more time,
Imagine the lost victim with immense pain,
Peeping at the mimicry of civilize societies that surrounds,
Wishes immortal life in the world without flying vulture around,
I can hear her loud and clear through groaning in the spirit,
Praying humans to pinion the free flying desire of ravishment,
Live together in harmony without any gender discrimination,
It is high time for this action in awake of justified reaction,
Not let the sacrifice of ‘Damini’ goes in vain,
Come on INDIA put “Do or Die” again,
Secure the freedom of all women along.


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