If you want to see some primary school level 'jhagda' between two grown up men, look no further than Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who ordered a whole army of policemen at the 1 Anne Marg house to, get this, guard the fruits and vegetables grown in premises so the former Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi could not enjoy it!

Yup, you heard it right. A posse of law enforcement officials ready to stop Manjhi from plucking fruits that include mango, kathal, litchi, and a variety of green vegetables grown at the Chief Minister's haven.

Traditionally, the bungalow at 1 Anne Marg is reserved for the Chief Minister and by that definition, Manjhi should have vacated the place almost four months ago when he was removed from his post in a political coup of sort by Kumar and his loyalists. However, because Manjhi is reluctant to give up the bungalow, the senior Janata Dal – U leader decided to squeeze him out by deploying round the clock vigil in the garden so Manjhi does not dare to eat fruits or vegetable grown within the premises.

Nitish Kumar and Jitan Ram Manjhi in 2014. Jane kahan gaye woh din...

An appalled Danish Rizwan, a close Manjhi associate, said that Kumar sent eight sub-inspectors and 16 constables to keep an eye on the sprawling garden so the former Chief Minister or any of his relatives or acquaintances could not pluck fruits or vegetables for their personal consumption.

"First the government ordered the disconnection of phone and cable television at the 1 Anne Marg and now it has deputed armed security guards to keep a vigil on the garden. Is this how one treats an ex-Chief Minister?" Rizwan asked.

Playing the most powerful card in any Bihari politician's repertoire, Rizwan said Manjhi was purposely being insulted and humiliated by Nitish Kumar because the former Chief Minister belonged to the Mahadalit community.

So there you are, folks. Our intellectual giants! Perhaps it never occurred to Manjhi to vacate the building since he no longer is the Chief Minister of Bihar. And for Nitish Kumar to deploy security to guard fruits and vegetables – it says more about him than Manjhi.

Petty, petty, petty!