Just few days ago, I talked about the accusation that some leveled against Prime Minister Narendra Modi-sponsored 'Make in India' logo saying it had uncanny resemblance to a logo used by a Swiss Bank in its marketing campaign. (Read Here).

Looks like 'tis the season of war over logos.

Sunil Lal, the man who designed the iconic logo of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), has served a notice to AAP leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for continuing to use the logo despite his request to stop using it in publications, campaigns, or any other propaganda material.

Lal, who quit AAP after being disillusioned by Kejriwal, a man known for his legendary flare for drama, sent a notice to the Delhi Chief Minister through his lawyer Akhilesh Chandra saying since he still held the copyright of the logo, he did not want it used by AAP any more.

"I designed the logo, given it to the party but withdrew it after my belief in the party and its ideology was shattered," Lal said, adding that he wrote a letter to Kejriwal on April 7 seeking the logo back. (Original story here).

Adding the logo was his intellectual property and he never transferred its ownership to Kejriwal or AAP, Lal, an advertising professional, further said that he had "categorically requested the AAP not to use the logo designed by him in posters, banners, flags, websites and other means of publicity." "But they continue to use it blatantly, he lamented."

He said the logo was his intellectual property that was never transferred to the party.

So the silly season continues.

Knowing his penchant for melodrama (80% drama; 20% governance, as some said), it is safe to assume Kejriwal will give Lal a tough fight. It would also be safe to assume that somehow Narendra Modi would be responsible for this infighting.

Here are some plausible future comments by the Delhi CM:

1. Sunil Lal is on the BJP payroll. We should have cut him off from our campaign when we had a chance.

2. Sunil Lal had transferred the rights to the logo to AAP. Now he has become greedy and wants a much larger share of the pie that the AAP is.

3. We would go to the Supreme Court but we all know the Supreme Court is in the back pocket of Narendra Modi.

Still not dramatic enough? Feel free to add your own below.