He Hasn't Said It but He Might as Well Have…

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Things Donald Trump, the tantrum-throwing Twitter-in-Chief of the once great nation of the United States, would say on different topics of the day:

  • "Who said racial justice had any place in our society? Over-rated! Sad!!!"
  • "Who asked that woman to stand in front of a charging car by a right-wing patriot? Stupid leftist… She got what she deserved."
  • "America is in its best shape ever now that the ni**er is out of the White House."
  • "KKK was having a peaceful rally with the intention to create racial disturbance. What's wrong with that? They had the permit to hold the rally so why blame them?"
  • "Hitler was a great leader; he was strong. I like strong leaders. Also, he sported a funny hair style like me. Both of us great leaders."
  • "If I could throw my Jew son-in-law under bus, I would but my very beautiful daughter (check her out, she's some dish, isn't she?) stops me from kicking his ass out of the Trump Tower, the world's most beautiful monument ever!" MAGA!!!
  • "The report of my approval rating is exaggerated. FAKE NEWS. I have 216% approval rating among the Americans and 387% favorable rating in the world. TRUE STORY."
  • "A very important pollster told me people are building my statues all over Europe. Angela Merkel, who, by the way, is very ugly, is also building a statue of mine in Berlin where once the statue of great leader with funny moustache stood."
  • "Let Obamacare fail. When they come begging for Trumpcare, I'll tell them to go to hell. Justice, baby…"
  • "Beatles over-rated; Ted Nugent the best! Besides, both Teddie and I are the best draft dodgers. SWEET!"
  • "I never said I will actually build a wall at the US-Mexican border and Mexico will pay for it. CNN and MSNBC created it. FAKE NEWS. TOTALLY UNFAIR".
  • "It's a lie when they say I have played more rounds of golf than that loser Obama at this time of his presidency. More FAKE NEWS! SHAME!!! Moreover, what an uppity ni**er doing at a white golf course any way?"
  • "I was and am the greatest 'pu***grabber. Ask Preibus and Bannon. They can vouch for me. Anyone challenging me can go to hell."
  • "It's about time we nuked North Korea; the world doesn't need two mad men. WINNING!!!"
  • "Thank you all who voted for me simply because the media had chosen Hillary as the next President of the USA. I am sure you'd have elected Kim Jong Un if the American media was against him. I love people who chop off their nose to spite their face. TRUE PATRIOTS!!! They are my base.
  • "IBM, Google, Coca Cola, Merck, Facebook, Microsoft, Pfizer CEOs are morons. What do they know about running a business? Look at how many times I have filed for bankruptcy. I am the greatest businessman and dealmaker in the world. All other fake businessman."
  • "Jesus Christ, who was white and was born in the USA, chose me personally to lead this nation. CNN and all other fake news media can go to hell. Lord (Jeffrey Lord) is my co-pilot."
  • "Putin great; Obama worst. I like leaders who are white and strong. Obama was neither."
  • "Although I think I am the best choice for the Nobel Peace Prize, in case I don't get it, I will give a medal to myself. It will be huuuge and it will be beautiful! It will be made of 37 karat gold and will have an image of Mar-a-Lago etched on it. Suck on that, Nobel!!!"

And finally…

  • "If they impeach me, I will pardon myself… I can do anything I want. I can piss on the constitution and I can crap on the constitution and no one can do a damn thing about it. Heck, I am the President… the greatest, the bestest, and the huuugest."

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