So the love-fest between the Indians living in India and the US embarrassment Donald J. Trump, who is a bit over two years into his presidency, has come to an end after the Liar-in-Chief, while meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on July 22, 2019 at the White House, claimed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate in the Indo-Pak conflict over Kashmir going on for over 70 years.

Trump, who is proven to be an international embarrassment by now, when pressed by a Pakistani reporter at the White House, said that during a recent meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi asked him to mediate on the Kashmir issue.

With over 13,000 verified lies to date since the de facto leader of the Klu Klux Klan assumed power in Washington DC with the help of his Russian blackmailers, there is zero doubt that this statement of his that PM Modi asked him to arbitrate on the Kashmir issue is also a blatant lie and a figment of this deranged man's imagination.

No wonder the Indian government wasted no time in refuting Trump's claim saying no such request was made to the US president and all issues will have to be resolved with Islamabad bilaterally.

With the opposition in the Parliament seizing the opportunity to slam PM Modi, India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, speaking in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday July 23, categorically denied any such exchange between the PM and the US President saying Mr. Modi never made any such request to Trump while insisting issues with Pakistan could only be discussed bilaterally without the intervention of a third party.

A complete and unconditional denial from the PM himself is yet to come though.

Interestingly, only a couple of years ago, Indians with no clue of the background of Trump, the con man and the Grade A hustler who slept with porn stars while his third trophy wife was nursing his new baby boy at home and the man who has a long history of cheating contractors and workers and the one who could not point out his own country on a map if his life depended on it let alone know where Kashmir is, were enamored by this Racist and Bigot-in-Chief of the United States just because he was saying good things about Mr. Modi. The 'bhakts' were overjoyed that they had found an 'ally' in Trump who would help them crush Pakistan once and for all.

A few Modi supporters who were fully aware of Trump's past, justified their jubilation over Trump's election by saying that as long as someone was good for India, Indian's didn't care how sleazy or corrupt the US President, or any other world leader was. In a nutshell, "Thank you for your help, Mr. Hitler, for supporting PM Modi and lending us your support in our effort to wipe off Pakistan from the face of the earth. Killing 6 million Jews is Jews' problem, not ours!"

How shortsighted and how selfish!

While Indians don't miss an opportunity to brag about their rich cultural heritage and their moral superiority over others, when it comes to making Faustian bargains, they lose their morality in a nanosecond to justify their own vile choices.

Now that Trump has basically put Mr. Modi in a very embarrassing situation, suddenly the same Indians, who were lighting firecrackers and feeding 'laddoo' to life-size cut-outs of the Orange Man following his victory in 2016 (how pathetic!), have turned against him and are calling all sorts of name to the US President going even so far as to dub him as the 'US Pappu', the ultimate insult in any 'Bhakt's mind!

Here are just a few select comments from a popular Indian news website (mis-spellings and grammar errors included) -

Dan Shaw – Pappu and Trump have same IQ?

Arop - Both RaGa and Trump are identical, both are idiots, don''t know what they are speaking.

Rajendra Pareek - This is also a known fact that POTUS and IK of Pakistan both are masters in U-turn.

El Kay, Pune, India – There is something wrong with this president Trump… Americans need to get rid of him soon.

A Dutt – Is there any difference between Mamta and trump?

Ashok Shah – Trump is a lier. It is indeed shocking that president of USA can tell a blatant lie, may be it is the effect of the company in which he was at that time.

Ashok Oza – Trump cannot remember what was said yesterday. How can he remember what Modi said two weeks ago ??

Prat Vish – Mr. Trump and Pappu. Both compete for entertainment no. 1.

Srinivasan Jayaram – Over a period of time US president Trump has become habitual liar with arrogance.

Well, you get the idea… And by the way, these quotes are not selectively picked up by me to make Trump look bad but is, in fact, the flavor of over 600 comments or so on Times of India.

Some, who still have some faith in Trump, are trying to spin it by saying that maybe Mr. Modi's poor English confused the US President leading him to believe that the Indian PM was begging him for his help in resolving Kashmir issue.

I am not the one who likes to say 'I told you so' but, in this case, I will make an exception. YES, I TOLD YOU SO!!!