Always Seek a Second Opinion

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As we keep on using them, modern-day house-hold items like refrigerator, washing-machine, toaster, TV, and for that matter, any other electric or electronic device is liable to malfunction at any point of time. The reason could be anything: mishandling, misuse, or any other inexplicable issue.

What we do usually is to see if we could handle the situation ourselves: plug-unplug the wire, read the manual if we have preserved it, go through it and try to find out the remedy etc. Having gone through all this exercise carefully for a day or two and concluding that the device is suffering from some serious fault, we finally decide to contact the mechanic who, though pretending to be busy, drops in within hours along with his assistant and toolbox etc.

Last year my LCD TV suddenly became inactive. No image; sound only. Tried all the methods as mentioned above. Nothing came up. Since the guarantee-period of the device from the company was over, I contacted a local mechanic who lost no time to come to my residence and checked the LCD with his apparatus. I, all along watched him with curiosity and interest.

Having finished the diagnosis, the mechanic very unambiguously declared that the Panel of LCD had gone and needed replacement. ’can’t it be repaired?’ I made a polite request. ‘No, Panels are not repaired. They are irreparable.’ ‘How much should the new Panel cost?’ was my next query.’

He looked at me for a while and suggested that firstly the LCD is of old make and it may be difficult to find out a matching panel for my LCD and even if he managed to procure one for me, it won’t cost me less than Rs. 11,000. "My sincere advice is to abandon this device/LCD and go in for a newer one which might cost you only a little more than 11,000," he said.

I thought for a while on his guidance and eventually told him that I will call him later after taking the second opinion from some other mechanic.

"No problem. You can call me any time. But I pledge here and now that even if you call Almighty too, he also would corroborate my view of fused panel. Rest is what you deem fit. I am at your disposal any time," the mechanic said bluntly though annoyingly.

To seek the second opinion, I contacted my friend who too had faced the same kind of problem with his LCD. He sent his mechanic and after a thorough check up, the new mechanic proclaimed that the panel was alright. Only a fore image-IC needed to be replaced and the entire cost, including the service charges etc., won’t be more than Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000. I had no other option but to accept his bid with utmost delight.

It is always better and sensible to go in for the second opinion in every matter of life more especially in the matters of repairing sick and malfunctioning electronic/electric devices and gadgets.

shiben rainaDr. Shiben Krishen Raina
Currently in Ajman (UAE)
Member, Hindi Salahkar Samiti,
Ministry of Law & Justice (Govt. of India)
Senior Fellow, Ministry of Culture (Govt. of India)

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