Is the Game of Terror Over?

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Terrorism ever since its inception has always been like a game of chess. The opposite of violence is peace. So the word terror can’t take or act as violence. There has to be a line of demarcation because, every act of violence is not terror but every act of terror is ultimately violence.

Then, what role does it play in a civilized society? The tiger is the king of a jungle. But the same tiger is a terror to the people of a village. If something goes against a very organized and well established system that opposite force responsible for clash has acted as a terror. This very phenomenon is terrorism. The Quranic way of saying against terror is that Almighty doesn’t like nuisance and cruelty done by a human being on the earth. The son of the Ganga, Bhishma was always terrified by his own grand-grand son Duryodhana. That terror resulted into Dharma Yuddha/The Mahabharata. That great son of the land, eventually, decided to end his life at his own will.  Psycho-linguistically, terrorism is a term which has entered into the thoughts of devils.         

What next! Has the most notorious word terrorism been buried with the burial of Osama at the sea? Will peace replace violence from the shattered lands around the world which has for long been galloped by illegitimate horse power or so called superpower? Will the evil dance of corruption stop maligning the world human civilization? Will human rights and the guts required for its protection and restoration accelerate and galvanize the cause of humanism on our living planet?

Questions pile on question.  World civilizations will keep dismantling its temporary shape with the passage of infinite time. They are the witnesses and strum ping declaration that powers come and go. What remains absolutely is the just which reshapes the distorted supremacy of man-made ideologues.

Current burning issues are many particularly after World War-II and 9/11. Just talking of terrorism or fighting terrorism is not enough. The other micro forms of terrorism are equally to be fought back particularly for creating the pandemonium of world economy and the corruption alone on the other hand. Change in every field is undeniably a natural process. Natural devastations have spared no part of the world by their manifestations Her Patriarchy over the entire creation of our living planet will always remain so long as our existence continues.

Nothing to exaggerate, millions of people somewhere the world sleep without food while millions are suffering from obesity. Those heavy weights class of people are constantly in touch with dieticians for advice as to what should/shouldn’t be eaten. Most idiotic part of the fact is that large sections of the people don’t have hunger. Foods lavishly prepared in the kitchen go rotten and thrown into the municipality garbage.

Isn’t it terror against humanity and the Law of Nature? Why then, natural disasters are blamed? But no matter, Nature takes care of herself.

Alexander the great wanted to conquer the entire globe desired that his hands be stretched out of his coffin. As, he could carry nothing with him but what remains immortal is his lesson addressed to our modern civilization.

Systems internally and externally are getting monopolized for the sake of boasting supremacy. This is quite alarming to the righteous and very unhealthy to the peaceful environment across the world. A system like this wouldn’t grudge an inch and strive for repairing the damaged identity of humanity.

However, good words do not teach themselves in their home of books. They must come out for our sake. The paradigm of our existence will continue to exist. It is said that history repeats itself.

Madani Mohiuddin Ahmad, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Phone: 00966-542514538 (KSA), 0091- 9873503721 (New Delhi, India).


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