Talking of Women

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The word ‘women’ meaning ‘we’ the men phonologically. The origin of feminine third person pronoun ‘she’ is impossible without suffixing ‘he’. It means the pronoun ‘she’ lays in the origin of the word ‘he’ semantically.

The orthodox dynamics of the word women is currently under severe criticism in terms of empowering women and the status of women. No doubt, such debates are healthy sign of cultural evolution and have always been over the time and again. If something very strange or extremely unusual incident takes place, the entire social fragment is literally shaken be it a case of rape even.

The word ‘rape’ is perhaps the most uncivilized word in every usage of any language of the world anthropologically and epistemologically. This word is most hated by every civilized man and woman. The heinous act of rape is not possible without the presence of an ape in the form of a man anywhere in the world

Hereafter, the role of sensitivity and society bear a big question mark. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It does not mean that the previous east was a waste in the absence of the sun. Tussle between east and west does not matter from the view point of belongingness of a woman. A woman is woman. No ethical paradigm can draw a boundary wall on the basis of gender discrimination.

A human being is made of soul and body. A living body without soul is nothing. It is the immortal soul that leads the intellectual and emotional movement of every individual. It is a system of all systems even within a system of no system. This is the reason that the edifice of mankind stands on the basic moral principles commonly present in all the religions of the world; no human being is demarked or marked on the basis of any materialistic parameters. The guiding force in safeguarding the dignity of women of all strata of society is always juridical and never paradoxical under any circumstances. Unfortunately, Women Reservation Bill or constituting a few Commissions on women is paradoxical within the framework of legislation. They are mediums of taking political mileage where demarcation on the gender basis is a dangerous outcome.

Reformation never stops even after thousand years old Romans or Greeks or Manu-wad. They were just or not; human civilizations will keep up their course of reformation. What is best in the interest of society must not be influenced and affected by malfunctioning of money and power.

Lately, a dozen cases related to murder and rape got confiscated and morphed by utter misuse of money and power. This is simply moral bankruptcy and hollowness of our society. Why is the State not accountable? No law of the land approves mental and intellectual flaws. The practical approach to the making of law, be it on emotional, moral or behavioral ground, is to punish the guilty as soon as possible. Any delay is bound to divide the society. Declared intention of the rapists is a clear evidence of committing moral crime. The law of the land must not be reluctant to punish the guilty as severely as possible. There must not be a grain of cornered intention on the part of the law. It is not the question of women only; it is the question of we the men.

‘Sharia punishment to rapist’ as suggested by Vishwa Hindu Sena president Swami Omjii is to exercise the law of the land in one of its form that protects and safeguards the modesty and conscience of the country. The sword not in use against evil will weaken itself and deteriorate every fragment of society. What else is the use of it?

Madani Mohiuddin Ahmad, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Phone: 00966-542514538 (KSA), 0091- 9873503721 (New Delhi, India).


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