A Human Being is never a Demon

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'Being Muslim will be tougher after 16 May’ (link) is not a wise man statement of a historian like Prof Mushirul Hassan. Does it mean that being Hindus will be blissful after 16 May? Intention behind is anti-unity and polarizing the Indian community into facets.

This news headline is a clear mismatch with the theme of his book 'Being Muslim in South Asia’; I haven’t read the book. Nevertheless, to my perception in terms of faith and the practices of Muslim, it is technically very tough to judge as to how Muslims live in their lives in South Asia and how they interact with other community. The high season of electioneering across the country is certainly susceptible and volatile to such statements. And the most vulnerable is the Muslim community. Play game opportunists are not exception whether belonging to a particular party or elites.

The string of communality has always been used as a tool for measuring the height of politically divided Indian society. It was used by the British India successfully. The British Raj achieved its political goals through its communal engineering for long. Prof. Mushirul Hassan is a renowned historian. He can be authentic in his remarks on the basis of documented story of the past. But the job of doing social engineering has never been the job of historians alone. There are several other radical factors for social change.

Phony remarks in line with communality at the time of elections in the country are a common practice. It is more dangerous in case of pseudo secular politics and far intense than being communal. This dichotomy is rather a major threat to the formation of a stable and strong government. Above all, how long can pseudo-secularism work in a heterogeneous society in a country like India?

Historical facts can’t be a natural fact. India is a free country and she enjoys being the largest democracy of the world. Prof Hassan understands the Indian constitution more than a common Indian. I believe that he regards the Constitution as a devout Indian and never as a Hindu or Muslim. Then, the sense of getting feared at any point of time will not be there at all. This is the prime reason that a common Muslim being the largest minority in the country is scared of becoming the Prime Minister of India. Can an average Muslim think of becoming the prime minister of India?

It is shocking that a citizen of the country either a Muslim or Hindu projects himself/herself with an intention to polarize the people of the country. This is a serious threat to the democratic structure of free India. What the author keeps in mind is clearly reflected in the news headline. This is undoubtedly the game of polarization.

2002 Gujarat communal violence was like thousands other communal riots in the country. It never means that another communal is in the process. Loss of life of an Indian is a national loss. Such act is always inhuman. Let us introspect and calculate the loss of lives and property. Such intense 99% communal riots took place during Congress government whether at the centre or the states. The worst of its kind was the 1989 Bhagalpur riot in Bihar. Is this national tragedy Muslim or Hindu? Whose mouthpiece can be the one who is scared of the days after May 16?

Bhagalpur riots happened during the tenure of a staunch Congressman and Chief Minister of Bihar Satyendra Narayan Sinha. Later after the carnage he stepped down. To pacify the Muslims, the Congress replaced him with Jagannath Mishra.

In his autobiography 'Meri Yaadein, Meri Bhoolein', Sinha accused his Congress colleagues of "fanning" the riots out of personal jealousy and ill-will, specifically mentioning the former Chief Minister Bhagwat Jha Azad and the former speaker Shivchandra Jha. He also accused the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of overruling his order to transfer the then Superintendent of Police K S Dwivedi without consulting him, although Dwivedi had completely failed to control the riots. He alleged that the decision was "not only an encroachment of the Constitutional right of the state government but also a step detrimental to ongoing efforts to ease tensions".

Sinha also stated that after being dismissed as the Chief Minister, he informed Rajiv Gandhi about the "role of some Congress leaders" in the riots. The Muslims in Bihar had traditionally served as a Congress vote bank, but after the 1989 violence, they shifted their loyalty to Lalu Prasad Yadav, who became the Chief Minister of the state in 1990. However, the subsequent governments were also accused of not meting out the justice. The survivors accused Lalu Prasad Yadav of not punishing the rioters because many of them belonged to his own caste. It was the worst Hindu-Muslim violence in independent India at the time, surpassing the 1969 Gujarat riots. Those who lost their lives were Indians. Is it Bhujan hitay-bahujan sukhay?

Narendra Bhai Modi has been projected as the next Prime Minister by his party. He is a human being not a demon. In the matter of aggravating and rampant corruption across the country is not because of Hindu or the Muslim or any other community. A corrupt Hindu or a corrupt Muslim is just corrupt. He/she is neither Muslim nor Hindu. Narendra Modi has vowed not to spare his own party man if found indulged in any form of corrupt practices. Moreover, fight against corruption is not confined to Hindus or Muslims. It’s a curse on the nation. The fundamental duty of every Indian demands that people fight united against corruption which is the mother of all evils including communalism.

Man-made system is political in nature and tone; fragile in its form and has always been a butt of criticism. The fire element in man works either as a means to salvation or culminates itself into red hot clay in quest of another phoenix.

'Every Muslim of the country will have the Quran in one hand and a computer in the other’. Does it sound communal before or after 16 May to any one of the Muslim community? General election 2014 is India’s Republic. The greatest thing about India is that she has housed multicultural society under one roof. Earning political mileage at the cost of religious exploitation is dangerous. Man is scared of a man is today’s tragedy but the struggle never stops. The sagacity, farfetchedness and respect that Narendra Bhai Modi has expressed about the Quran and computer is in fact the idea of India. A common Muslim must not get distracted in faith. The purpose of life of a common Muslim is to serve and benefit the people and society though fearless and determined. Man-made system is not absolute. How does the fear from a mortal man come in terms of life and death? Else it is open 'Shirk’ (association with Almighty).

Madani Mohiuddin Ahmad, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Phone: 00966-542514538 (KSA), 0091- 9873503721 (New Delhi, India).


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