Lalu Prasad’s declaration in his boastful but ridiculous whims that no upper caste will ever be the Chief Minister of Bihar hence forth, reveals his sinister design in politics of Bihar which not only have far reaching consequences for the upper castes but also speaks of the futuristic trend of politics in India.

He is opposed of the use of EVMs and demands for the old ballot boxes to replace it. He is supported by his coterie of Mulayam Singh of UP and some others in Parliament.

Ostensibly, he advocates it on the grounds of probability of software mischief in this kind of electronic equipments and the large number of illiterate voters in this country but in reality he wants the earlier system to be in place in order that he can use his musclemen to ensure his victory by hook or by crook. And the way he has built his clout in the parliament, this is not a very distant possibility. What political acumen he possesses except his clownish behavior that he commands such regards in Parliament is something that at times leaves you blinking. The speaker is all ears the moment he stands up and offers him the opportunity out of turn to raise his point, whether pertinent or otherwise, in any discussion on the floor of the house. It is his this supremacy that sends the signal that in coming years such band of ignorant, unethical and substandard people would swell in the august house of the country where the officers of central government would be asked to rub Khaini for him as he did with one in Bihar in his days of tyranny and pandemonium.

You can dismiss his remarks as referred above either claiming to be a broadminded person or if you choose, can also take it in a lighter vain considering it as a part of Prasad’s usual nonsense but the way the trend is emerging it may culminate into a call for a civil war that hitherto, is being fought within the framework of the constitution of this country and not on streets in a colossal form. No doubt, we have seen some stray incidents of caste struggles in the past which, for God sake, did not take a formidable turn, but the things would not remain the same for all the times to come. And on such a provocative statement as Prasad has now made, it would stir the fire within the ash sooner than later.

For upper castes, the solution lies in the political concept of a Forwardland for upper castes irrespective of the religious allegiance, though it is all together a different matter that there is some patronage available to upper castes of other religions on the grounds of minorities yet none for Hindu upper castes.

If Nagaland can be a reality for Nagas, if Gorkhaland  can be dreamt of and is a likely possibility for Gorkhas, if Jharkhand can be ensured for Adwasi and so on and so forth why not Forwardland in this country for all  those who are being relegated to the background, squeezed and squashed, and snatched of the natural rights which otherwise they can avail themselves of by virtue of being eligible for it by nature and if not scored out by statutes.

Whether this land would be either an independent country or a state within the Union of India can depend on the magnitude of the social force and upheaval that will build up, but will certainly have no religious divisions. Thus all those who consider or are compelled to consider themselves as kinds of forward Castes, should raise the movement for a separate land for forwards. The aim again should be to live and let live in peace without prejudice to individual rights to grow together in a sublime and serene environment.

The irrational criteria of caste reservation or the unintelligible reservation policy is rendering the future generation of Forward Castes to disassociate themselves from this country and they will finally conclude one day that this country is not theirs.

The upper castes are coxed during elections only. Since they are just supplementary to the votes cast for one particular party or the other, Shri Lalu Prasad offers them to live on the charity of 10% reservation. An insult to injury, isn’t it?

A call, therefore, is needed for all like minded persons to let us dream and join hands to bring this to reality because, in any way the further divisions of this country seem to be inevitable either brought about by the external or the internal forces. The forces within are digging their own graves and will take along the rest of innocent people including upper caste masses as well. Sailing on a sinking boat by conniving at the realities, will be the worst folly that this class will heavily pay for in very near future.

The time has come to decide whether to be or not to be as it is a struggle for existence.

S. S. Thakur, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com