I take a leaf from Dr.Verma’s article ‘The Sliding Administration’

Nitish has, undoubtedly, failed in propaganda war with Lalu and his likes. And propaganda indeed is a very efficacious tool to extend and reaffirm your support base in present day’s politics.

Despite his sincere efforts to bring Bihar on track by way of developmental works, Nitish has done little to cash it for his own popularity which is now a necessary ingredient if you really intend to hold reign of political power. He seems to be banking on the development works to make his comeback purportedly by wining heart of Bihari voters. But this alone will be enough is an unpredictable matter.

To look at it from the Machiavellian angle, Nitish has failed to devise ways and means to play his role effectively for himself wherein if he had to choose between spreading his fear among the people or to generate their love for himself, he should have elected the former. Machiavelli states boldly in The Prince, The answer is, of course, that it would be best to be both loved and feared. But since the two rarely come together, anyone compelled to choose will find greater security in being feared than in being loved.

One may brush aside this philosophy on grounds of time and space, yet it seems to be holding some substance even in a contemporary political society as ours and the best example is none other than Mrs. Gandhi. It was both the best and the worst of times under her regime in the political history of independent India.

There is no wonder how the ever so dormant public associations during earlier regime, have suddenly become so active and are coming out in the streets fearlessly with their new fanged demands probably because in the back of their mind they have some faith in Nitish that this fellow will at least here them out unlike the previous government (s) which always played pranks on their demands however legitimate they may be. Perhaps, these organizations think it is a now or never sort of situation for them. Falling in line, the worker union of almost defunct Bihar Rajya Transport has also followed suit from today.

If Nitish has failed who else has succeeded throughout India in contemporaneous politics? Now, it seems,  is the time of uncertainty and India lacks a political class which can synthesize the different contradictions prevalent here. You raise the support price for farmers (Prime Minister’s Speech on Independence Day 2010) and face the general price rise affecting the whole lot of consumer class. You offer incentives to industries by way of tax exemption and the workers demand for better wages or that goes against subsidy cuts on petroleum products adding fuel to price rise further. You appease a class to ensure the so called social justice for them and a large number of potential talents turn into a formidable destructive force. It is between the devil and the deep sea situation for any government. Hence a better management is required to synthesize these contradictions and Bihar can’t remain unaffected. Please render your wits to judge the present Bihar government in totality and not in bits and pieces.

Nitish’s media management has been miserable is one aspect of course. He has failed to turn the tide in his favor when it was possible in the matter of treasury reconciliation controversy. The RJD was triumphant in Bihar Assembly with its accusation without knowing the fact that their own government has to share the part of it. This should have been brought with adequate force in the public domain to make the RJD eat humble pie. Some other failures or the like can be leveled against Nitish.   But please..please ‘Give the devil his due’ as there is no better option in sight.

S. S. Thakur, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com